The Importance of Skincare During Isolation

The Importance of Skincare During Isolation

Throughout the current pandemic, we have conscientiously followed the advice that staying at home and washing regularly will help to prevent the spread of the virus. With changes to our routine, the uncertainty about the future and other life stresses, this may very well have affected your skin. That’s why it is important to implement or maintain a regular skincare routine during isolation. Not only will this help keep your skin healthy, but a great skincare regime has other benefits such as ensuring you look and feel good about yourself.

Using itreatskin products together with maintaining hydration and getting enough “beauty sleep”, may also help in promoting a positive body image and supporting your personal well-being, something very important in these anxious times.

We recommend completing your skincare routine twice a day, when you wake up and just before you go to bed; while hand skincare should be continuous throughout the day. To get the most out of your skincare routine, here’s the best order to complete the routine in:

1. Cleanse your face

Isolation provides an ideal opportunity to give your skin a break from wearing makeup, fake tan or other beauty products. Cleansing your face can make a huge difference to your skin’s health.

To cleanse your face of dirt or excess oils, we recommend using our Deep Impact Face Wash; revitalising your skin with essential oils, vitamins and minerals. Your complexion will be left refreshed, healthy and with clear glow without makeup.

2. Apply product to the face

Blue light is emitted from digital screens and excessive blue light exposure has been shown to have harmful effects on the skin and promote premature aging. During isolation, it is likely that your blue light exposure has increased due to working from home, staying connected with friends virtually or even by watching TV. But don’t worry, we have just the skin care products to combat this.

Our Hydrating Cream should be a staple to anybody’s skincare routine. With aloe vera and vitamin C, the Hydrating Cream is super moisturising and repairs skin without leaving any trace of greasiness. The cream penetrates deeply, delivering nutrients and antioxidants where your skin needs them most, leaving your face bright, refreshed and glowing.

3. Focus on your eyes next

Your eyelids and the undereye area are very delicate skin areas. To help reduce puffiness, brighten up your dark circles and help your face look more awake, you should apply eye cream daily. Our Ultimate Eye Gel contains chamomile, lavender and aloe vera to naturally help improve and brighten the eye area.

4. Body Skincare

Our Vitamin E Cream is an everyday moisturiser that actively repairs damaged skin and strengthens the capillary walls within, thus improving elasticity. It has shown wonderful anti-aging results while we also recommend applying it all over the body to nourish and ensure your skin feels silky smooth.

5.Care for problematic areas

Due to isolation and the lifestyle changes we have had to endure, many of us have abandoned our usual routines. Poor diet, lack of sleep and reduced outside activity, as well as worry and anxiety, have all had an impact on our skin’s health. This can affect us at any age.

Our Neem Cream has proven effective for improving skin irritation and problematic areas such as eczema, acne, spots, psoriasis and more. This wonder product is suitable for all skin types as it is made from a blend of organic oils, pressed neem, may change, oat oil and coconut oil.

6. Hand Skincare

It is vital to wash your hands to protect against the spread of harmful bacterial, now more so than ever before. However, you may have already experienced dry hands as a consequence. Frequent hand washing can disrupt the outer layer of skin causing dryness and irritation. To combat this, you should restore the pH balance of your skin with our moisturising and nourishing Hygienic Hand Sanitiser and Purifying Hand Wash. The pairing products are formulated with lemon myrtle, lemongrass, tea tree and more soothing ingredients that are rich in antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

Although it’s important to actively look after your skin in isolation, it is equally important to continue any good skin care regimes post-isolation. Itreatskin is here to assist you with this. If you need any expert advice on our products, our team is happy to help.You can contact us on 0333 012 4657, email us directly at or fill out our consultation form online.


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