Neem Cream

Our flagship product, Neem Cream, is made from an all-natural blend of organic oils; the properties of pressed Neem, May Chang, Oat Oil and Coconut Oil combined to create a nutrient dense, intense moisturising cream, which is highly effective for use on eczema, acne, psoriasis and more.


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The Neem plant is a fascinating one to say the least; used in Indian medicine for years upon years, its proven healing qualities have demonstrable results in remedying a plethora of skin disorders. From simple dry, damaged skin to cuts, burns and scars, Neem possesses unparalleled qualities in soothing, healing and strengthening skin tissues. It helps to reduce inflammation of the skin, blistering, irritation and itchiness.

With its aspirin-like compounds, Neem acts as one of the most powerful anti-fungal agents available on the planet – all thanks to mother nature herself. Use our Neem Cream as an alternative to chemical-based or steroid creams on many issues such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, prickly heat and more. If you feel as though you’ve tried everything, think again.