Vitamin E Cream

Our vitamin enriched, everyday moisturising cream actively repairs damaged skin and strengthens the capillary walls within, thus improving elasticity for long term results. Our cream has proved effective on scarred and pigmented skin, plus has shown fantastic results as an anti-aging product.


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This full and intense moisturiser can be used daily to enrich and maintain youthful, glowing skin. Alternatively, its high antioxidant and Vitamin E profile make it a purposeful, soothing antidote to sun burn and other skin complaints.
With its ability to reduce inflammation by repairing the epidermis layer of skin, our cream is engineered to revitalise and preserve the skin’s natural beauty. With demonstrable results achieved in improving scarring, stretch marks and pigmentation issues, the Vitamin E Cream capitalises on penetrating deep into multiple layers of skin to hydrate, repair and turn back the clock on damage.