Hydrating Cream

Solving the problem for all skin types, whether sensitive, oily or combination, our elegant Hydrating Cream leaves skin feeling refreshed, moisturised and clean. Combining pure Aloe Vera gel with Vitamin C providing cleansing citrus properties, our cream moisturises and repairs your skin without leaving any trace of greasiness.


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Hydrating Cream helps to reduce redness and inflammation of the skin, whilst improving the look of blemishes. Its natural healing tendencies help to balance your skin’s PH levels, demonstrating strong results in the reduction of acne and other skin complaints. It works wonderfully as a primer before applying makeup, providing skin with a matte finish and supple bounce; alternatively, use as a soothing after-shave care alternative to heal those tiny nicks and cuts.

Our Hydrating Cream penetrates deeply, delivering nutrients and antioxidants where your skin needs them most, leaving your face bright, refreshed and glowing. All this without any blocked pores; acne sufferers can reap the healing and self-restorative benefits of the cream without the worry of greasy skin.

More than just a moisturiser, our cream will leave your skin feeling soft, smelling delicious and repairing itself faster and more effectively in the long-term.