Ulimate Eye Gel

A gentle yet luxurious remedy to soothe those puffy eyes and dark circles; our Ultimate Eye Gel contains Chamomile and Lavender for a luscious experience, with Aloe Vera to aid in refreshing, rejuvenating and brightening the eye area.


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The delicacy of the skin around our eyes is not to be understated; as such, we created our Ultimate Eye Gel with the most sensitive, hydrating and brightening ingredients nature has to offer. Rosehip oil gives skin a vibrant glow with its high Vitamin A and C profile, whilst Lavender Oil and Chamomile add fragrance and extra relaxation. And, as the age old saying goes, carrots help you see in the dark – so we added Carrot Seed Oil with its abundance of Vitamins A and E, just for good measure (and good moisture).

All of this infused into our Aloe gel base makes for an indulgent moisturiser packed full of goodies, which not only fight bacteria but equally boost collagen and protein production in your skin. Our intense therapeutic formula provides deep hydration, improved blood circulation, and increased cell reconstruction, all of which equal fewer dark circles, less wrinkles and no more puffy eyes.