Our Story

Our Story

Chances are, you’ve either experienced it first-hand or know someone who has – eczema. It affects a massive 12% of the population; what a lot of people don’t know is that ‘eczema’ itself is an umbrella term for myriad skin conditions, ranging from the subtle to the severe.

One thing we can all agree on? It would be just fantastic if eczema simply went away.

Alas, it doesn’t – at least not without help – and that’s where we come in.

But first, we’d like to take this time to introduce ourselves, and tell you about our story.

itreatskin began with our very own skin nightmare; our son was suffering. His eczema appeared one day and progressed quickly, until he was covered head to toe. From allergy tests to sleep suits, all the creams and potions you could imagine and even more, nothing worked – well, not long term anyway.

We were at our wits’ end, not to mention our son’s.

Now, call us hippies, new age, mavericks or what have you – we truly believe in the wholeness of mind-body-spirit complex and, faced with our baby being put on steroids, we knew it was time to try something different. And thus, the Neem Cream was born.

After hours of research, trial and error and no shortage of frustration, we had brewed our first little pot of all-natural eczema treatment and were seeing results. The Neem plant has a fascinating history spanning 4,500 years – through modern research, over 135 pharmacologically active substances have been identified within. And it’s a combination of these which work so wonderfully as a natural remedy for eczema.

First came interest from neighbours and friends, then phone calls from friends-of-friends, strangers and otherwise; soon we’d been approached by a European distributor who wanted to help us get our product overseas. We were overwhelmed, first and foremost by the excitement surrounding our natural eczema cure, but moreover by the results we were hearing people had achieved.

Our Neem Cream was giving relief to eczema across the country.

You can read more about what went on here. From then, to now; our organic and now completely vegan skincare products have made their way to as many as 15 countries around the world, helping more than 12,000 customers treat all manner of skin conditions, from eczema to psoriasis and more.

We’re so proud and truly honoured to have engaged with so many people over the past few years. The next part of our story belongs to you.

Every ‘before and after’ photo we receive from you, every customer who takes the time to write in and tell us how our skincare products have changed their life – it’s why we do what we do. It’s our goal to be the number one natural, organic skincare brand on the planet. We want to provide people with an eczema treatment which works – a long term eczema treatment, not some flash-in-the-pan cover up.

Since creating the Neem Cream, we’ve diversified our range or skincare and beauty products to include Baby Balm, Vitamin E Cream, products to make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle; we toe the line between beauty and medicine to bring our all-natural, organic and vegan skincare product range to the market. We don’t just treat skin conditions and dermatitis – we help our customers achieve the beautiful, healthy, glowing skin they deserve.

What else is there to say, other than a big, warm welcome to the itreatskin skincare blog.

Here you’ll find the home of everything we believe in and live by, from tips for beautiful, healthy skin to research and trends we’re hearing about at the moment… Plus even more.

Follow us on Instagram @itreatskin to keep up with products, news and other exciting goings-on within the business, plus you’ll find many of our happy customers’ reviews and testimonials over there. On our website, you can not only shop ‘til your heart’s content but visit our very own consultation zone, where we can help find the right product for you; whether you’re treating eczema or looking for something to give your skin its glow back, here’s the place to be. And, as ever, we love hearing from you – get in touch with any questions, queries or comments at info@itreatskin.com.

We’re so proud to be your all-natural, organic, entirely vegan skincare brand – which works.


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