The Neem Plant: A Rich History

The Neem Plant: A Rich History

When we started experimenting at home to find a skin remedy for our son’s eczema – one which didn’t involve our 2-year-old baby taking steroids – we couldn’t have ever expected it would come in the form of the humble Neem plant.

What is Neem?

Azadirachta indica – by another name Indian Lilac or, as we know it fondly, Neem – is a tree found on the Indian sub-continent; its abundant seeds and fruit are the source of the incredibly powerful, naturally-healing Neem oil. And it’s this oil which is the basis for our very own all-natural, organic eczema treatment, Neem Cream – the same product which changed the life of our son for the better.

Antifungal. Antibacterial. Antiviral.

It’s no wonder that even ancient humans understood somewhat the power of the Neem plant.

For more than two millennia, we’ve been using its many healing qualities to treat myriad skin conditions. From rashes to burns, malaria to diabetes, humans were wise to Neem’s attributes when it came to health – in some cultures, it was even considered to be ‘of divine origin’.

We can’t say we’re surprised.

In India, people believed that the shade from the Neem tree was cooler than any other; humans cultivated their communities around its presence, claiming it as a protective haven for children and the infirmed. Today, we know that the Neem tree’s natural insect repellent would have also made these communities vastly more enjoyable to live within, not to mention provided with an abundance of incredible natural fertilizer for crops and livestock.

And it’s had its ways in the beauty realm too; even way back when, humans used crushed Neem powder mixed into DIY face masks to keep their skin hydrated and supple in the harsh climates, and used Neem oil for candles used to create makeup with which to attract potential suitors.

Needless to say, the Neem’s history is a hugely diverse, equally fascinating one.

How does it work, and why?

When we began looking for an alternative eczema treatment, something to treat skin conditions naturally, the many healing properties of Neem immediately piqued our interest. Neem contains aspirin-like compounds – mother nature’s own antifungal gift to us. Full of triglycerides, it works as an antioxidant to cleanse skin and keep it clear of any bacteria. And with fatty acids galore, it’s able to provide skin exactly what it needs to replenish, refresh and repair. In fact, Neem actually helps the skin rebuild and ultimately strengthen its many layers… Not to mention, encouraging collagen production. Hello, natural anti-aging tendencies.

We could go on.

These compounds and properties – along with so many others – helped form our natural skincare brand, itreatskin. We found a way to combine the properties of Neem with various other amazing plant-derived products which quickly proved to soothe, soften and ultimately heal skin.

It certainly did our son’s, and it’s doing so for many of our customers around the world.

It’s no wonder that Neem was recently declared “the tree of the 21st century” by the United Nations. Nor is it any surprise that since the 1990s, it’s been touted as “a tree for solving global problems”. We couldn’t agree more.

And now here we are, thousands of years after our early human ancestors discovered the Neem plant, using it to solve your skin problems one by one. We’re bringing you all the tools you need for healthy, glowing skin, free from eczema, psoriasis, acne or dermatitis; given the history it has, you can pretty much bet that whatever your skin needs, Neem can do it.

Who’d have thought that the ever-humble, ever-abundant ‘free tree of India’ would have such a resounding effect, and on so many people?

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